tools for the coach



    • signing up new athletes
    • information about the number of trainees and their last activities
    • selecting groups (between beginners, advanced; dividing because of goal, age, sex)
    • checking the results (sports events, tests, records)
    • checking the information about the body parameters and its workout (history of changes, heart beat zones for other sport disciplines)
    • checking the information about accomplished/not accomplished goals

functions for the management

of goals and trainings

  • viewing trainees calendars
  • planning the goals (individual or group)
  • planning the training for an athlete
  • analysis and evaluation of training done by athlete
  • comparing the trainings and results of the same athletes
  • comparing trainees in terms of a chosen training or competition
  • information about the reasons for missing trainings (injury, sickness)
  • information about wellness and recovery
  • inviting to join trainings/workout
  • possibility of creating the schedules (for one or many groups)
  • composing training’s programs
  • discussing, commenting trainings and competitions (in progress)
  • data export into Excel (in progress)

tools to promote communication

and build the PR

  • sending of information to a selected group of athletes
  • creating your own events – training programs, camps, coaching, contests
  • inviting to your events, contacting with others participants of those events and administering data (participant lists, spare lists, rankings, results)
  • publishing news to all trainees on the news board
  • automatic publishing of the coach/club’s logo in social media posts together with training’s parameters done by a trainee
  • generating image statistics that show progress of athletes/reaching the goals
  • generating a history for all activities of an athletes-statistic, list or image reports
  • automatic alerts (training reminder)