Get the help

for preparations in competitions.

Start using professional tools!

In sports like in the business you need to keep your fingers on pulse, manage data, plan the actions, analyze results constantly

Control the progress if you want to reach your goals.

No matter what devices you are using currently now you can register your activities (trainings, competitions, sport’s camps, breaks in trainings) by transferring data from any heart rate monitor, application or manually into pulsstory.

The innovative platform additionally enables /you or your coach/ controlling, analyzing and planning further activities in reaching the goals.

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mobile application

for workouts recording

Do you run a group of trainees and manage their goals?

Do you want to have a quick and easy access to their data trainings?
Do you want to plan their activities, evaluate and compare their results?
Do you want to review their progress and show others that the effect of your work is an improvement of their results?

Let technology help you.
Check out the tool created with the help of such professionals like you.

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Compatible system

with all registering tools and devices


You can synchronize your account in pulsstory with popular tools and applications.

That enables you to automatically download data

even when you’ve changed your current or use a few heart rate monitors.

Your data will be accessible in one place – to you, your coach or your club.


Is your work related to active people?

We support marketing automation 

or business related to active lifestyle

– sport, fitness, recreation.

If you manage a club, organize sports events, support charity foundations

through active people (i.e. during running competitions)

our technological solutions can make your actions more efficient,

and take effects of your work to a whole new level.