athlete’s tools

managing trainings

and goals

  • keeping data in a handy training calendar with many views (day, week, month, list) and
  • segregating the planned and already done activities
  • automatic data entry via synchronizing with your heart rate monitor
  • individual settings for heart rate zones for each discipline
  • planning goals, participating in competitions, trainings/coaching, sport’s camps
  • information about reasons for training breaks (injuries, sickness, etc.)
  • information about wellness and recovery
  • data export into excel
  • access to database with offers of other clubs, coaches and information platforms


your results

  • easy data evidence and interpreting through attractive visualization
  • intuitive recognizing of training’s sessions that include more than one activity
  • access to the tools enabling the analysis of history’s data
  • training’s analysis and evaluation by your coach/club
  • comparing the training and competition’s results


the information

  • notification about setting the goal
  • notification about the planned participation in chosen event and the goal you want to achieve
  • automatic publication of visually attractive posts with your results
  • discussing own and others results
  • automatic sending of selected data to coach, club or media for evaluation
  • invitation to train together
  • joining other teams
  • joining trainers/clubs
  • making your own training’s statistics accessible
  • generating marketing data for sponsors and partners